Dahlsford Grove Lifestyle Village is a land lease community for the over 50’s where you own the home but lease the land on which the home sits.

Is there an Entrance Fee?  No.
Is there a Departure Fee?  No.
Do we pay Stamp Duty?  No.
Do we pay Council Rates?  No.
Can I have visitors and guests?  Visitors are most welcome and encouraged for overnight or short stays.
Can I have pets?  You may keep fish or small caged birds in your premises at any time. No other animals (including cats or dogs) are to be kept in your premises or brought into common areas.

What Facilities & Services are there?
  Large community centre with free WiFi
  Well stocked library
  A large heated indoor swimming pool
  Gym equipment
  Tennis court
  Bowling green
  Practice golf driving range
  Croquet court
  Pool tables
  Men’s shed
  Bush walking track
  Letterbox is at the front of your home serviced by Australia Post.
  Garbage is collected each week from the front of your home
  Doctors surgery
  Hairdressing salon
  Storage is available for Caravans & Trailers
  Village bus for day trips
  In-House TV channel